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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
libs/icl/example/boost_party_/boost_party.cppGenerates an attendance history of a party by inserting into an interval_map. Demonstrating aggregate on overlap
libs/icl/example/interval_/interval.cppIntervals for integral and continuous instance types. Closed and open interval borders
libs/icl/example/interval_container_/interval_container.cppDemonstrates basic characteristics of interval container objects
libs/icl/example/large_bitset_/large_bitset.cppShows a bitset class that combines interval and bitset compression in order to represent very large bitsets efficiently
libs/icl/example/man_power_/man_power.cppUsing set style operators to compute with interval sets and maps
libs/icl/example/month_and_week_grid_/month_and_week_grid.cppCreating and combining time grids
libs/icl/example/overlap_counter_/overlap_counter.cppThe most simple application of an interval map: Counting the overlaps of added intervals
libs/icl/example/partys_height_average_/partys_height_average.cppUsing aggregate on overlap a history of height averages of party guests is computed
libs/icl/example/partys_tallest_guests_/partys_tallest_guests.cppUsing aggregate on overlap the heights of the party's tallest guests are computed
libs/icl/example/std_copy_/std_copy.cppFill interval containers using std::copy
libs/icl/example/std_transform_/std_transform.cppFill interval containers from user defined objects using std::transform
libs/icl/example/user_groups_/user_groups.cppShows the availability of set operations on interval maps
libs/icl_xt/example/amount_cube_/amount_cube.cppDemonstrates computations of aggregates using maps of tuples or cubes
libs/icl_xt/example/history_/history.cppShows how different attributes that change in time are merged into a single history object
libs/validate/example/de_morgan_/de_morgan.cppDemonstrates law based testing for De Morgan's law on interval_sets

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